By My Side (CD)

By My Side (CD)
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Product Description

Ben's favorite ballads included on a career-spanning retrospective titled "By My Side"


  1. Forever (from Welcome To The Cruel World)
  2. By My Side (from Fight For Your Mind)
  3. Gold To Me (from Fight For Your Mind)
  4. Diamonds On The Inside (from Diamonds On The Inside)
  5. In The Colors (from Lifeline (with Innocent Criminals))
  6. Beloved One (from Burn To Shine)
  7. Not Fire Not Ice ** Studio version, previously unreleased in the U.S. **
  8. Morning Yearning (from Both Sides Of The Gun)
  9. Feel Love (from Give Till It's Gone)
  10. Happy Everafter In Your Eyes (from Both Sides Of The Gun)
  11. Waiting On An Angel (from Welcome To The Cruel World)
  12. Crazy Amazing ** New song **