Diamonds On The Inside

Diamonds On The Inside
Item# BH-M03-DI

Product Description

2003 release on Virgin Records


  1. With My Own Two Hands
  2. When It's Good
  3. Diamonds On The Inside
  4. Touch From Your Lust
  5. When She Believes
  6. Brown Eyed Blues
  7. Bring The Funk
  8. Everything
  9. Amen Omen
  10. Temporary Remedy
  11. So High So Low
  12. Blessed To Be A Witness
  13. Picture Of Jesus
  14. She's Only Happy In The Sun


  • CD (Standard Edition)
  • CD (Japanese Edition)
    Collector's Copy Controlled CD with bonus track "With My Own Two Hands (Dub Brothers Remix)".