Fight For Your Mind

Fight For Your Mind
Item# BH-M95-FM

Product Description

1995 release on Virgin Records


  1. Oppression
  2. Ground On Down
  3. Another Lonely Day
  4. Please Me Like You Want To
  5. Gold To Me
  6. Burn One Down
  7. Excuse Me Mr.
  8. People Lead
  9. Fight For Your Mind
  10. Give A Man A Home
  11. By My Side
  12. Power Of The Gospel
  13. God Fearing Man
  14. One Road To Freedom


  • CD (Standard Edition)
  • CD (Japanese Edition)
    Collector's CD with OBI strip.
  • Songbook
    Includes guitar sheet music and tablatures for all 14 songs. 96 pages. (DOES NOT INCLUDE MUSIC)